Funeral Costs and an Affordable Alternative Option

As if losing a loved one wasn't hard enough. The final tab for the funeral can come as yet another shock, especially if the death is unexpected. Cremation is a more economical option than a burial — four figures versus five figures, generally speaking.

Often, there's too little time — not to mention emotional energy — to negotiate, research or shop around. Often what throws families is being bombarded with so many decisions to make. You're grieving. You're very upset. Many mourners will pay more than they need to out of guilt, as though opting for the cheaper casket somehow means they loved grandpa less. During a meeting at the funeral home, it's also tough to say no to add-ons like memorial books and DVD tributes.

It's always really good advice, if possible, to take somebody along to any kind of meeting with a funeral home who's maybe not as emotionally tied to the situation. There are options to prepay or at least preplan for a funeral, so that relatives aren't on the hook for thousands in funeral expenses when the time comes. The toughest cases are when there's a sudden death and the family has no idea what the departed would have wanted.

Understanding Funeral Costs

These are some of the considerations which will impact the overall cost of funeral arrangements:

Professional Service Fee

The service fee will cover the cost of many possible services.


The merchandise purchased for a cremation or burial can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and needs .

Cemetery and/or Crematorium

Cemetery and crematorium charges may be paid to the funeral provider or directly to the cemetery/crematorium.

Indirect Costs (or cash disbursements):

Indirect costs or cash disbursements are moneys that the funeral provider pays out (advances) on your behalf.

When a death occurs, the matter of funeral costs is often a consideration of the family and those making arrangements. Costs will vary greatly depending on the choices made.

The majority of costs are represented by professional service, merchandise, final disposition and indirect costs. Each complete funeral service requires approximately 80 hours. Services should be arranged according to each individual family’s needs and their personal and religious desires.

Note: all funeral providers are required by law to provide you with an itemized price list of the services and products they offer. They must also provide you with a copy of this price list upon request.

An Affordable Alternative Option

We provide a dignified, no-frills cremation alternative. Cremation at Today's Choice does not include a funeral or memorial service at any funeral home, therefore, the use of the funeral home's staff and facilities can be skipped avoiding many of the costs that come with a "traditional" or full service funeral. Convenient, simple, dignified and affordable define Today's Choice. Learn how simple and affordable our cremation process is.

If you would like more information on our affordable cremation services please contact us.

Cremation Cost:
$1790.00 CDN + GST

Additional charges: Applicable Taxes, After-hours transfer fee 5:00 pm – 8:30 am, Mileage fee outside our 30-km mileage radius.

Our cremation process is very simple. Contact us to obtain login credentials, and then complete our form to record your loved one's Vital Statistics.

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