What is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is the cremation of a body in the days immediately following a death. Direct Cremation, sometimes called "simple cremation", does not include the use of a funeral home or its staff to facilitate any viewing, visitation, funeral or memorial service at the funeral home or graveside.

Why Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation is Affordable

Direct cremation does not include a funeral or memorial service at the funeral home, therefore, the use of the funeral home's staff and facilities can be skipped avoiding many of the costs that come with a "traditional" or full service funeral. In some providences, in addition to full service funeral homes there are direct cremation providers who exclusively offer direct cremation, further reducing costs. The cremation services process is very simple and affordable.

Direct Cremation Is [Slightly More] Environmentally Conscious

Since direct cremation takes place in the days following death, it eliminates the need to preserve the body. By foregoing embalming you decrease the amount of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and methanol, that are put back into the environment. You also don't need to take up land resources via a cemetery plot or purchase a casket, vault or grave liner, saving additional resources. However, cremation requires intense energy, giving off high quantities of CO2, making it less environmentally-friendly than some expect.

A description of direct cremation

A point of clarification before we get started: cremation replicates the same process that a buried body eventually undergoes.  Over time, a buried body decomposes and ends up as ashes - just like what happens through cremation.

Normally, the body stops at the funeral home or crematory (some funeral homes have their own crematory like us) just long enough to secure the death certificate and cremation permit - and for the family to sign the cremation authorization form.

No funeral or visitation ceremonies are held when you choose direct cremation. Furthermore, the body is not embalmed, nor does it receive hair care or makeup application.  Since the body will be cremated without first having a viewing ceremony, these services are unnecessary.

You do not need to purchase a casket for the cremation process.  You can instead choose to place the body in a special cardboard box known as an "alternative container" or "cremation casket".  This saves the expense of buying an expensive casket.

The actual cremation arrangements can be made directly with a crematory or at a funeral home. Some funeral homes do the cremation themselves; while others contract the actual cremation out to a separate crematory.

Most families simply take the cremains home in a cardboard box or urn. Some families will later decide to scatter the cremains at a favorite location, bury them in a cemetery plot, or store them in a cremation urn on the living room mantle, or inside cremation jewelry.

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Cremation Cost:
$1790.00 CDN + GST

Additional charges: Applicable Taxes, After-hours transfer fee 5:00 pm – 8:30 am, Mileage fee outside our 30-km mileage radius.

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